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Dimax 80-90-140

Mineral gear oils with low ash which  produced paraffinic base oils. They are used in gear boxes and differentials of automotive and industrial type equipment, extreme pressure characteristics unrequired.Ensure protection against rust and corrosion by forming a film on metal surfaces.


  Dimax EP 80-90-140

They are produced with paraffinic base oils by the addition of a special additive package of rust and corrosion inhibitor, extreme pressure (EP). Extreme pressure gear oils developed for use in  medium  conditions in  automotive  differential, gearbox  and  hypoid gears. They a re  used all operating conditions at high-speed low-torque, low speed-high torque gear boxes of passenger cars, trucks and construction  equipment. Excessive pressure feature prevents wear by a film  layer on  the gear  surface. Create a thicker oil film against heavy loads  and high  speeds that occur under extreme pressure. It  prevents rust  and corrosion by neutralizing the acids formed damp. It protects the gear systems from the negative effects of water by water separation and rust prevention characteristics.