:: Metal Cutting and Cooling Lubircants ::

Cutmax EP 22

Are used for the processing of middle and high hard  metals in automatic lathes and screw machines,
by many metal working  applications such as thread cutting, milling and cutting.Permits high metal
removal rate . Supplies the processed surface  radiant. Includes anti-mist additives. Because of
transparency the operator can s ee the process so it increases efficiency of the process. With its
low viscosity,it supplies savings by ease of soar from material and chips.It shows very good lubricity
and cooling properties because produced by high-quality paraffinic base oils and EP additives.Extends
the life of tools.Protects the bench.


Cutmax 22

They are transparent pure cutting oils produced by the addition of extreme pressure additives to paraffinic base oils. Are used in processing all kinds of  metals and alloys in light conditions  to middle conditions.
Does not leave stains on yellow materials.



High-skilled Special cutting oil used for very difficult operations such as deep drilling, tapping and broaching
to hard materials. Prolongs the tool life by reducing friction .Can also be used as a additive to the normal
cutting fluids.