:: Water Soluble Cutting Oils ::

A Multi purpose cutting and cooling fluid is used by mixing water and oil in the processing of various metals.
Contains preventive additives for bacterial activities that shorten the life of  oil emulsion.
Ensures excellent cooling, prevents metal surfaces against corrosion and  provides the processed surface
smooth and clean.

Synmax 20 T
Synmax 20 T is a water soluble cutting and cooling fluid with low mineral oil content. Suitable for all
machining and grinding operations .It's a semi-transparent

product with high emulsion stability and excellent
resistance against corrosion and foaming. Has resistance against microorganismas and doesn't cause damage on operator's skin.

Synmax 66 F
Synmax 66 F is a water miscible semi synthetic cutting and cooling fluid with high mineral oil content.Suitable for all kinds of machining and grinding operations on steel,
copper and aluminium alloys. Provides excellent emulsion stability and lubricating effect. It has high biological
durability and low wasting features on the processed units.Long tank life and high bacterial resistance is achieved.Easily seperates from way oils and does not foam.